In AKVA group we are constantly striving towards having science behind our work and what we provide. Our Land Based Research & Development team is continuously working towards validating the RASs (Recirculating Aquaculture System) performance, such as the nitrification rate and microparticle retainment in our biofilters, monitoring de-nitrification rates for nitrate removal in our ZWC systems, etc.

Production Advisory Services (PAS)

In addition, we also have several ongoing development-projects targeting the improvement of Land Based farming technology. Examples being off-flavour mitigation for Land Based salmon grow-outs, decision-support based on water chemistry feed-back, fish handling, fish transportation systems for large salmon, and improved conveyor-based feeding-technology for handling larger volumes at a faster rate - to meet the demands of large scale post-smolt systems and grow-out facilities.

We are constantly looking at emerging technologies like the use of artificial intelligence to be used for data driven insight and more intelligent farming systems, enabling consistent and optimized production – we call it “precision farming.”

Our R&D efforts will continue to pioneer Land based fish farming for the years to come.