The solution is composed of several standalone products that work together to achieve this. We consistently provide new innovations and improvements for these products, from feed barges, feed systems, camera and winch solutions, to software such as AKVA fishtalk and our artificial intelligence solutions AKVA connect and AKVA observe.

Often more than half of the on-farm production cost is directly attributed to feed. Optimal feed means that the fish has the right development, better health, plus the production is sustainable and the farm can operate cost-effectively. But it isnt feeding before the fish actually eats the food.

Feeding has undergone a shift from traditional experience-based processes to utilizing modern digital tools to allow data-driven decisions.  Our aim is to show how people and machines can work together to achieve optimal results for the fish, the environment and the industry. At AKVA group, we help our customers achieve optimal fish performance by making sure that their feeding is optimized.