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AKVA group, Egersund Net

AKVA group, Egersund Net will be leading within quality, health, safety and environment by promoting these areas in the accomplishment of all activities and operations. We will deliver reliable products and high quality services in collaboration with our customers. Risk of environmental incidents and pollution will be minimized and impact on the environment from manufacturing, service and delivery of our products and services, should be as small as possible.

About us

Egersund Net is part of AKVA group. Egersund Net started net production in the early 1970ies and was turned into a separate company in 1996.

Since then, Egersund Net has established itself as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of seine nets and services for the fish farming business. In order to optimise the quality of our products we co-operate closely with our customers and business partners. All our departments are certified according to NS 9415:2009, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


Web-based log for nets, sertificates and reports.


Net-Reg is a webbased log of history ,checklists and documentation of fish farming nets and mooring. With this tool fish farmers have full control of their locations and status of the technical equipment. By internal and external audits this tool is used to present construction certificates, drawings and documentation for components in the entire system.

We offer service supplied by eight modern service facilities along the coast of Norway - from Egersund to Skjervøy.Our customers can rely on Egersund Net to supply the best possible service on their nets and equipment throughout the lifespan of the products.

Professional service skilled employees
All service of nets done by our employees as well as service history is available in our Net-reg equipment database.

The copper ratio in the wastewater from our facilities is lower than the mandatory limits set by the authorities. Besides lower copper ratio, we monitor and make sure that the discharge is free of pathogens.

Two types of waste are removed during the cleaning process; one contains sludge waste and the other is coarse waste. The sludge waste is sent for copper recycling and the organic waste is sent to approved partner for incineration.

"Egersund Net is recognized for providing a high level of service

Our products

Svanavågveien 30, 4374 Egersund, Norway

T: +47 51 46 29 60


Deep farming concepts

Reducing lice problems and improving fish perfomance with deep farming.

For several years AKVA group has been developing deep farming technology. The principle is to separate salmon and lice by lowering the biomass below the upper meters in the sea where the salmon lice are located. Deep farming can also open new areas for aquaculture. In 2021, AKVA group succeeded in developing three different concepts to a new level: Tubenet™, Atlantis and Nautilus The scientific results from the Atlantis Subsea Farming (Atlantis) project showed that the salmon lice challenges can be significantly reduced.

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