AKVA observe

AKVA observe is a complete AI software solution that helps optimize the biggest cost on farms: the feeding process.

AKVA observe analyzes the fish's activity pattern, detects pellets and feeding efficiency by analyzing existing, real-time video streams from cages and combines this with other data to create insight into the feeding situation that would not otherwise be possible to see only using observations from breeders and feeding specialists.

AKVA group AKVA observe

AKVA observe is developed in partnership with Observe Technologies and the solution is based on the market's leading platform for AI, machine vision and machine learning.

By developing technology with a focus on solving biological challenges, we contribute to the further development of a sustainable industry. Good operational performance and fish welfare are crucial to achieving good results, and investment in technology will help deliver both.

It is AKVA group's mission to deliver solutions and services that optimize production and contribute to a sustainable, cost-effective and safe aquaculture industry.

AKVA observe

Key features:

  • No extra pen equipment
  • Smart alerts
  • Remote management
  • Sustainability goals

Results achieved in current customers:

  • Lower FCR
  • Higher growth
  • Easier standardization of feeding practices
  • A safer and better basis for decision-making for operators
  • Strengthened and easier opportunity to feed several cages at the same time
  • Objective reporting in case of suspected overfeeding and underfeeding
  • Improved response times to increase and decrease feeding
  • Better training of new employees with display of previous incidents and reports