AKVA fishtalk

Production control and planning system, both biological and financial, that offers full traceability throughout the farmer’s entire production process, including costs.

AKVA fishtalk

Optimum efficiency, excellent fish quality and increased profitability – AKVA fishtalk covers all needs for feeding assistance, process control, production control and planning. The AKVA fishtalk portfolio is a set of different modules, where the main module is AKVA control.

With that as the foundation, the customer decides themselves if they want to build further on with other modules. This can increase the chance for precision fish farming through better control, overview and optimalization of the production.

Biology planning, finance, budgeting, economy control, production cost, etc. AKVA fishtalk portfolio captures data from broodstock to harvest and has powerful reporting and analysis capabilities. With the finance and planning modules, AKVA fishtalk becomes an indispensable tool, from day-to-day use on a single site to mapping out a 5-year plan for the whole company.

We care about our customers. Together, we will always find a solution that will work best for the specific daily activities. Our consultancy department with dedicated focus on biology and technology will work alongside together with the customer to user-define the tool during implementation. From the startup, we also deliver customized training, consulting and we are also available for further support on all of our digital options.

AKVA Fishtalk


Sten-Eiven Tinjar
Sten-Eiven Tinjar Product Manager for Fishtalk DIGITAL
+47 907 54 763
Christian Schäfer
Christian Schäfer General Manager Chile SEA BASED / DIGITAL
+56 968 344 794
Matti Rautio
Matti Rautio Sales Consultant - AKVA fishtalk - North America DIGITAL
+1 506 754 1872
Keith Richford
Keith Richford General Manager Australasia SEA BASED / DIGITAL
Alper Demircan
Alper Demircan General Manager Turkey SEA BASED / DIGITAL
+90 532 374 5633
Tomas Huseby
Tomas Huseby Director Customer Excellence
+47 975 38 105