Effective from December 1st, AKVA group has united its efforts towards land based aquaculture through the formation of AKVA group Land Based, a strong unit and single point of contact for land based solutions and services.


AKVA group has a strong focus on the land based segment and is investing heavily to become the market’s preferred supplier of land based solutions and services. The market is moving rapidly towards larger and more complex projects hence requesting suppliers with complete solutions offering as well as broad fields of competence. AKVA group steps into that role, with all the commitment and dedication it takes to become the preferred partner for aquaculture companies worldwide.

Uniting under one name, AKVA group Land Based, provides a foundation for AKVA group to reach its ambitious goals and to strengthen the group through synergies. Though joining forces, the strong brand names Plastsveis, known for superior tank technology, and Aquatec Solutions, with its team of engineers and RAS specialists, will remain.

AKVA group Land Based also benefits from being part of larger group of professional specialists within all types of aquaculture technology. The company delivers everything from consultancy services to single components, modifications and complete new land and cage based facilities.

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