On September 3rd, the series «Drain the Oceans» premiere on National Geographic in the UK. In the first episode, Sperre AS has a central role in finding the ferry that went down with "heavy water" during World War II.

Last autumn, National Geographic was on Lake Tinn in Norway to document DF Hydro, which was bombed/lowered in February 1944. The purpose was to collect pictures, videos and data in order to "raise" the ship from 430 meters depth. Sperre AS contributed with its ROV-vessels in search of the wreck. 

The episode "Nazi Secrets" deals with the history of the "heavy water" sabotage and the sinking of the Hydro Ferry in Lake Tinn in Norway during WW II. Trailer for the episode can be seen here. 

The show premiered on National Geographic Channel USA on May 28th 2018, and will premiere September 3rd 2018 in the UK.