Notposer klare for gjenvinning_webFragmented nets ready for recycling. Photo: Egersund Net.

12 years of investing in sustainability have provided significant results. Egersund Net has delivered almost 17,000 tonnes of discarded nets and other equipment for aquaculture to Nofir - of which 2225 tonnes have been delivered in 2021.

Of the submitted aquaculture materials, as much as 78 per cent has been recycled back to the industry.

Glenn Mo is the General Manager of Egersund Net and says that recycling is an important part of both their and the owner company AKVA group's strategy on sustainability.

«We work actively to reduce our environmental footprint in all processes and to contribute for improvement in the entire industry. We are happy if we can help to pioneer the recycling industry – this is something we will continue to work on a lot,» says Mo.

For almost 12 years, Egersund Net has worked closely with Nofir on the collection and recycling of discarded nets and other equipment for aquaculture.

According to Nofir's LCA analyzes, 17,000 tonnes of discarded nets and other equipment for aquaculture correspond to environmental savings of 51,200 tonnes of CO2, and 26,100 tonnes of oil equivalents saved from the environment. The former corresponds to about 465,000 flights from Oslo to London.

«These are absolutely fantastic figures and Egersund Net on behalf of its customers has been a large part of Nofir's total amount of the collected nets and other equipment during these years. It is thanks to such partnerships that we are constantly reaching new heights for how much we are able to recycle. The fact that most of this turns into new products is extra fun,» says General Manager of Nofir, Øistein Aleksandersen.

Nylon netting makes for about 60 per cent of the submitted materials and has been regenerated into Nylon filaments (ECONYL®) which are sold to the textile industry for the production of new products such as clothing and carpets.

Teppe Egersund Net_webThe carpet in Egersund Net´s showroom is made from regenerated nets from the aquaculture industry. Photo: Egersund Net.