Authorized for electrical work in Norway

Posted by Joar Time on Oct 16, 2019 12:28:13 PM

AKVA group are now authorized to perform electrical work in Norway. Morten Handeland and his team are working on their first assignment at Gildeskål Forskningsstasjon (GIFAS) these days.

Elsertifisering GIFAS 1 CARE

Service Technician Morten Bonsaksen at work at Gildeskål Research Station (GIFAS) at Inndyr, Nordland (Northern Norway).

AKVA group are now able to perform work related to electrical installations and electrical equipment as the company are registered into Elvirksomhetsregisteret (the Norwegian register of enterprises that design, install and maintain electrical installations and electrical equipment). The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) is the owner of the register.

Everything electrical
Morten Handeland, responsible for electrical disciplines in AKVA group, has been key in the process.

"It´s about expanding the company’s range of electrical services and ensuring that all deliveries and services are carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

AKVA group now have permissions to work with all kinds of fixed electrical installations. From working with machinery and feed systems we now are permitted to work with everything electrical. I definitely see potential in barges and land-based," Handeland says.

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The authorization includes the following work tasks:

  • Design of electrical installations
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical installations owned by others
  • Verification of electrical installations owned by others
  • Repair of electrical equipment

Will bring synergies
"There is no longer a need to involve electronic companies. We can perform the work ourselves and hopefully deliver better, customized products in the process. Potentially this will bring synergies to other AKVA departments," Handeland says.

Handeland´s team are now working on their first assignment at Gildeskål Research Station (GIFAS) in Northern Norway.

"It´s a hefty rebuilding job on a barge where we are doing a complete electrical installation," Handeland says.

Gildeskål Research Station (GIFAS) is a privately owned aquaculture station which carries out research projects in biological and technological issues on both a small scale and a full commercial scale.

Elsertifisering GIFAS 7 CARE

The location at Inndyr, Nordland (Northern Norway).



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