Gasoline, diesel or hydraulically driven high pressure washers?

We offer a rugged series of high Pressure Washers for seawater suited to various system solutions and pen sizes. 

Pressure Pump

The gasoline-driven washers (F-Drive) are lightweight and perfect as portable units. The diesel-driven units (D-Drive) are almost maintenance-free, use less fuel than the gasoline models and are well suited for large, powerful and permanent solutions. The Hydraulic driven high pressure models (H-Drive) are small, compact and almost maintenance-free, perfect for inside built-in installations on workboats.

Powerful, flexible and reliable

The basis for efficient cleaning operations

AKVA group is continually working to develop high-quality pump system options and suitable accessories to meet the industry's requirements and need for efficiency. We work with a variety of recognized engine suppliers like John Deere, Deutz marine and Caterpillar which has enabled us to supply an operating system tailored to the requirements of today's emission controls. 

  • Compact design makes it ideal for smaller service vessels.
  • Equipped with quality engine and pump from Scania and Kamat respectively
  • Easy access for maintenance and control
  • Service centres
  • Standalone system with easy installation
  • Multiple motor and pump selections for the same size cabinet.