This continuously working relationship is an excellent example of bringing together the best from two worlds: the knowledge from operating the fish farm and the technical skills of the RAS designer.

The adventure started by the installation of a hatchery for incubation of eyed salmon eggs followed by a start-feeding module together with a fry/smolt system, all designed using the principles of Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) technology. In 2015 an expansion took place by increasing the production in a new and larger RAS facility designed for post smolt to meet the growing demand at the MOWI sea sites.

The AKVA group Zero Water Concept (ZWC) has been installed in connection to all RAS systems to save water and to reduce discharge water from the RAS prior to end-treatment in the wastewater treatment system (WWT).

During the immense growth at Nordheim, AKVA group has delivered many auxiliary systems to complete the functionality of this smolt complex, such as intake water treatment systems for fresh- and saltwater, cooling systems, heat pumps, emergency back-up systems, feeding systems and more.

In 2019 AKVA group continued the delivery by setting up two large post smolt RASs at site with a total a tank volume capacity of 13,000 m3 and a peak feeding load of 10,000 kg per day for production of fish at a 300-400 grams size.

In 2022 AKVA group started the installation of two new parr/smolt systems and a post smolt system, all together having a capacity of 20,000 m3 tank volume and 15,000 kg feed per day. When this new RAS facility has been installed the size of post smolt can be increased to around 700 grams by utilizing the total of all together four post smolt modules at Nordheim.

The production of post smolt reduces the time for grow-out at sea and the impact from biological threats and other risks at the sea sites are reduced. Overall, this improves sea farming logistics in MOWI, resulting in more efficient production cycles, better survival rates and a higher final output of salmon ready for harvest.

In AKVA group we are honoured and excited to be part of this ever-growing project, and we look forward to many more years of pioneering the smolt farming business together with the team at MOWI Nordheim.