What is the payback period from investing in hybrid operation on my feeding barge?

Posted by Aksel Kverneland (N) on 11/8/19 8:52 AM

Changing a feeding barge to hybrid operation is both simple and profitable. Even if you plan to buy a new barge in a couple of years, it may pay off.

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Topics: hybrid, retrofit

Battery packs can handle full operation on hybrid feed barges

Posted by Aksel Kverneland (N) on 10/18/19 2:20 PM

Imagine having a feed barge on which the diesel generator is used only 1–4 times a day. This is already a reality at several sites thanks to modern battery packs. Their performance is so good that the battery packs are capable of powering all functions on the barge simultaneously and only need one hour of charging until they are ready for operation again.

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Topics: feed barge, hybrid

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