Our fight against "a tiny little problem"

Posted by Arnstein Hosaas on 11/19/21 1:40 PM

To overcome the salmon louse, the industry has used garlic, lasers and chemicals, closed pens have been built and technology has been developed that separates salmon and lice. Some measures have a demonstrable effect, while others have had no effect at all. But the aquaculture industry has learned quite a lot over the last 40-50 years. Believing in an invention that is a universal miracle which, as if by magic, removes all problems related to salmon lice, while retaining both quality and economy, does not seem very realistic.

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Topics: deep operations, Tubenet™

Sensor buoy and Tubenet™ join forces against sea lice

Posted by Bjørn Sirnes & Guttorm Lange (N) on 4/20/20 12:38 PM

What do you know about the water environment and how the currents run in the fjord system where you are engaged in salmon farming? This information will be of significant benefit when you optimize measures against sea lice - not only for your sites but for the overall infection risk in the fjord.

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Topics: deep operations, Tubenet™

Fish in Atlantis: A potential game changer for aquaculture

Posted by Trude Olafsen on 9/26/19 10:59 AM

In May 2019, the first fish were deployed in Atlantis Subsea Farming's submersible pen, and an exciting test period kicked off.

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Topics: deep operations, atlantis subsea farming, Waterborne feeding

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