Tore Obrestad (N)

Tore Obrestad (N)
Tore Obrestad is Business Development Manager in AKVA group Nordic. He is a skilled electrical/automation engineer with specialization in pedagogy. Through his current position and his previous role as Technical Manager AKVA group Nordic, Obrestad has gained a complete overview of pen based production technology. He is in close dialogue with the industry and always on top of new trends.
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Reliable digital infrastructure will predict profitability for the fish farms

Posted by Tore Obrestad (N) on 12/20/19 8:00 AM

A fish farming locality is not necessarily a place where high-speed internet connection is available. A primary concern when adopting new technology for remotely controlled feeding. However, the solution is local. So is the expertise.

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Topics: remote-controlled fish farms

Remote-controlled fish farms create positive spirals for economic growth and know-how

Posted by Tore Obrestad (N) on 10/3/19 8:32 AM

Feed comprises 55–60% of fish farm costs. Every % you save on feed costs will have a massive impact on the bottom line. The potential savings easily justify investments in infrastructure.

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Topics: technology, remote-controlled fish farms

Back to waterborne feeding

Posted by Tore Obrestad (N) on 9/19/19 9:30 AM

Increased feeding capacity, a significant cut in energy consumption and minimal wear of feed pipes. These are just some of the reasons why AKVA group is now reintroducing waterborne feeding.

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Topics: Flexible feeding, feed barge, Waterborne feeding

How do you prepare a solid specification for a feed barge?

Posted by Tore Obrestad (N) on 7/3/19 8:00 AM

So, you have decided to invest in a new feed barge, but do you know precisely what kind of barge are you looking for? In this post, we will share our experiences and thoughts on the process of purchasing a feed barge tailored to suit your needs.

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Why electrification of feed barges pays off

Posted by Tore Obrestad (N) on 6/5/19 8:00 AM

Today, most fish farms are powered by diesel generators. Generators have provided stable operation for several years and the technology is familiar to most of us. Why change a winning team?

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Topics: feed barge, energy efficiency

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