Jane Løvold Veivåg (NO)

Jane Løvold Veivåg (NO)
Jane Løvold Veivåg is Product Sales Manager, Special Nets, at AKVA group Nordic. She joined AKVA group ASA on 1.1.2019, but has been employed by Egersund Net since 1996. In addition to sales, she has also had product and production responsibilities for the special net department. She is in close dialogue with customers, and have in-depth knowledge of the products in her field.
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Posted by Jane Løvold Veivåg (NO) on 7/31/19 8:00 AM

Better fish welfare and economic benefits go hand-in-hand when regularly sorting fish ready for harvesting. By removing large and dominant fish from the population, the ideal conditions are created to allow smaller fish to achieve rapid weight gain.

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