Hans-Øyvind Sagen (N)

Hans-Øyvind Sagen (N)
Hans-Øyvind Sagen is SVP Sales & Marketing in AKVA group Nordic. He started his career building boats in the family business and moved on to Skretting’s production line where he in the early 80’s operated machines that extruded feed for salmon. Sagen later took a Cand. mag. Degree in Strategic Management, Marketing and eEntrepreneurship at the University of Stavanger, and has gained extensive management experience from a number of industries, e.g. as Marketing Manager for Viking Football Club in Stavanger and as General Manager for ad agency Pro&Contra. He is a driving force for customer driven improvement and development, and argues that AKVA group’s most important mission is to create good customer experiences.
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Christmas wishes from a farmed salmon

Posted by Hans-Øyvind Sagen (N) on 12/9/19 10:53 AM

Since long ago, mythical creatures, Santas, religion and miracles have been in the center of the Holiday season. In modern times, consumer culture and essential life values are put in contrast to each other. No matter how you look at it: Christmas gives us time to reflect. Here is a new perspective from a hopeful salmon…:

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Topics: fish welfare, tube net

Fish farmer and supplier can experience success based on common ambitions

Posted by Hans-Øyvind Sagen (N) on 10/31/19 2:50 PM

A complete supplier can offer a combination of technologies that together provide the best solution in terms of biology, fish welfare and cost-effectiveness, versus hard-selling one specific technology.

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Topics: complete delivery supplier

One-stop-shop: What’s in it for the fish farmer?

Posted by Hans-Øyvind Sagen (N) on 10/24/19 8:40 AM

“One-stop-shop” is a business model whereby customers are offered the convenience of having multiple needs met in one location. The term, which originated in the US in the late 1920s, is still very relevant in the 21st century and is widely used in industries all over the world, including the aquaculture industry.

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