Christian Hammersnes (N)

Christian Hammersnes (N)
Christian Hammernes is Support & Training Advisor in AKVA group. He was raised by the sea and got his first job in the industry already at age 15. Hammernes is a skilled electrician and has long experience with service and maintenance of aquaculture equipment through his roles as Service Technician, Service Manager and Training Manger in AKVA group. He has also worked as a Technical Service Consultant in Skretting for eight years, where he guided factories, supply boats and the company’s customers in how to optimize feed transportation and feed systems. Today, Hammernes works with training, consulting and development within the same area, in addition to other technology from AKVA group and its suppliers.

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Equipment and software training a good investment at the fish farm

Posted by Christian Hammersnes (N) on 3/2/20 12:21 PM

When equipment or software is not properly utilized, this quickly affects factors such as feed consumption, growth, reliability, and maintenance costs. Competence makes employees at all levels capable of working efficiently and facing unforeseen situations safely and adequately.

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Service at the fish farm? How to prevent downtime

Posted by Christian Hammersnes (N) on 7/17/19 8:00 AM

In today's aquaculture industry, consistent production is a subject that is coming increasingly to the fore. That comes as no surprise considering the enormous investment in equipment. As production costs increase at many stages, and new and more advanced equipment finds its way onto fish farms, the question arises: can you expect farm management to have the knowledge, time and resources needed to keep an eye on regular and preventive maintenance?

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