Bjørn Sirnes (N)

Bjørn Sirnes (N)
Bjørn Sirnes is Group Marketing Manager & Business Development in AKVA group and was previously commercially responsible for the FNC8 net cleaner and high-pressure pumps. Sirnes is also involved in product and business development in other areas of the company. He is close to the market and always ensures that the customers’ suggestions and experiences lay the foundation for developing new products and improving existing solutions. Through his 30-year long career, he has worked in the interface between technical development/engineering and sales/marketing. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing and a Master of Management Degree from the Norwegian Business School (BI) and has through his career gained extensive management experience from a number of companies and industries.
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Business or leisure in the aquaculture industry: How to keep your highly qualified workforce occupied?

Posted by Bjørn Sirnes (N) on 10/11/19 8:06 AM

Highly-paid specialists who are unable to do their job are bad for business. When a cleaning operation at a fish farm is interrupted, you end up paying people for sitting around doing nothing.

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The art of net cleaning: How to find the best solution for you

Posted by Bjørn Sirnes (N) on 6/24/19 8:35 AM

Cleaning nets is a complex problem with many possible approaches. The starting point, however, is something everyone agrees on: It is about creating an optimal environment for the fish.

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