Arnstein Hosaas

Arnstein Hosaas
Arnstein is head of the development department within marine infrastructure (R&D Discipline Manager for Marine Infrastructure) in AKVA group. He works closely with the market to understand customers' needs and to be able to utilize AKVA group's development resources in the best possible way. In addition, he is particularly interested in AKVA group's core products such as Tubenet ™. Arnstein has a master's degree in engineering from NTNU in marine engineering with a specialization in hydrodynamics.
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Tubenet™ well received in the market

Posted by Arnstein Hosaas on 7/15/21 11:47 AM

Tubenet™ has managed the transition from research and development to commercial production extremely well and was launched as a commercial product in AKVA group in 2018. The first deliveries have now been in use for some time and we and our customers have gathered valuable experience. A new product introduced on the market must expect continuous product development, adjustments, and improvement in the initial phase.

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